How to Choose an On-line Casino and Start Playing?

How to Select an Internet Casino and Start Playing?
If you have ever played at an online casino, then the odds are that you would have heard how to select an online casino and begin playing. The good thing with online casinos is that they offer a wide assortment of games and they’re available all through the day and night. For people who prefer playing casino games online, here are a couple of of the very best online casinos which you can find.

Most people think that online roulette play blackjack promotions is simply about fortune. However, there’s quite a bit more to roulette than fortune. You have to be quite enthusiastic when it comes to selecting the perfect online casino for internet roulette. To opt for a good blackjack online casino, you’ll have to look at some factors like the bonuses that they will be eager to give you.

A fantastic online poker participant will know that the jackpots in online casinos tend to be larger than the real jackpots in physical casinos. Aside from the huge jackpots, you will find smaller ones too, but they are much lesser. The size of these bonuses that an internet casino offers is set by their reputation. Should you win at the same website and receive a bonus value a certain amount, you can easily move it to another website and apply the identical bonus to play slots or blackjack in another site. This usually means that you will increase your chances of winning.

Another factor that you will need to consider if you wish to choose a casino is the kind of roulette you may playwith. There are 3 types of roulette that you could play online like Omaha, seven-card stud, and baccarat. Every one of them has their own advantages and disadvantages, and that’s the reason you’ll have to have a look at them. Blackjack and roulette are the most popular online casino games. In order to receive maximum gain, you need to learn the game so that you will know which one you prefer to play.

When you’re learning the art of roulette, you may easily find an online casino where you are able to practice till you get the hang of this game. In this manner, you can even increase your winnings without placing any money on bet. Many players tend to lose their cash because of roulette games. In an online casino, the losses that you suffer will be minuscule in comparison to those losses in a real brick and mortar casino. When you want to choose an online roulette game, you have to check out its bonus arrangement. Some online roulette websites offer free bonuses, so you don’t need to place any money on stake.

You can read reviews about online casinos before you register to playwith. Beware of online roulette websites that give you fake money or applications. Should they ask for personal details, such as banking information or credit card numbers, you want to stay away from such online casinos. It’s necessary that you know the payment particulars so that you won’t be held liable if there are any reductions.

Playing with online blackjack has many benefits. You can be your own boss; you could choose to play in your spare time and if you feel like doing it. The best thing about online casinos is that you do not have to give them some money before you start playing. It is possible to just play with the games whenever you feel like winning.

If you would like to understand how to select an online casino and start playing? Ensure that you find an internet casino that has tested and confirmed the bonuses you’re providing. You don’t need to risk losing your money while trying to appreciate bonus. Also make certain to check if the website is fair and ethical. Many online casinos are operated by individuals with private interests; you want to discover a site that’s run by a professional small business.

How to Succeed at Live On the web Casino?

How to Succeed at Live Online Casino?
The way to succeed at live online casino? In this article I am going to share with you some advice about how to win at live online casino slots. Most of the internet slots are operated on the internet. To play slots online you want a web browser or even a gaming site to get it. If you’d love to play slots, then you need to know how to win at online casino slots.

There are different types of slot machines in online casinos. Slots are designed for different game play. The slot machines consist of innovative, multiplier, bonus machines, video slots and twist and slots. In the USA there are currently more than 500 live slots which accept users, and the top three slot games by number of people are slot, roulette and blackjack. If you would like to play online slots, then get free spins and win cash, see one of the recommended online gambling sites under. Before you start playing in these online casinos, then you must read the regulations and rules correctly.

Some online casinos provide VIP rooms where VIP members (iors) can have access to a better quality of slots games, bigger jackpots, reduced jackpot amounts, bonus money and access to special software that permits the player to analyze the slot machine’s chances. Some of the bonuses provided by those VIP slots comprise; welcome bonuses, loyalty points and codes. A number of the top paying jackpots are offered in the blend of bonus cash, codes, winnings and jackpot dimensions. To know the details of jackpot amounts, you have to check out the jackpot page on the website.

You might have noticed advertisements about internet casinos claiming to offer you a chance to win thousands of dollars without risking your money. Millions of individuals play slot games online and a fantastic portion of those folks are most likely earning substantial sums of money. There are a few men and women who gamble for business purposes. These people may not want to risk their money in an internet casino because they have some stocks or other investments that require safe keeping. Therefore, the likelihood of losing their cash whilst playing internet slot machines is very remote.

If you are planning to play slot machines for gambling purposes, then it’s crucial to understand the basics about how the casinos work and operate. There are particular requirements that you should follow when you make a deposit at the casino. You should first take a look at the welcome bonus and register for it. As soon as you make a deposit, you can take the bonus level together and use it for enjoying as per the terms of the casino. It’s important to note that you can’t withdraw the money in the casino with the welcome bonus.
There are numerous people who play internet casino slots for fun. However, there are also many men and women who play just for cash. The casinos offer free games for all those players who play with real money. Although you do not get any cash when you play at no cost, you’re still able to get a little extra cash back from the casinos.

Free slots generally offer higher payouts than slot machines that have a maximum of one dollar a play. Obviously, you will receive less money for every hundred twists, but it will all depend on the machine. Additionally, there are certain machines offering a much larger amount of money after winning. This is because those machines permit many individuals to perform for the same quantity of money. You’ll have to increase your limit if you win large amounts of money in totally free slots.

There are some tips that you should keep in mind while playing slots online. If you do not know how to conquer a machine, you may read about how to cheat in online slots or play for money in online casinos. You will find guides that may help you become a jackpot winner so that you could win thousands of dollars. If you win, you can find a slot machine that pays out over the slot machine you’ve began with.

How to Win a Lot of Money at On-line Casinos?

How to Win a Great Deal of Cash at On the internet Casinos?
Blackjack is one of the easiest games to play online. Though you are able to play blackjack in the traditional brick and mortar casinos, you may also win real cash on an online casino. If you’re searching for strategies to succeed at online casinos, then consider blackjack. There are many different kinds of bonuses provided at many online casinos when you play blackjack.

Most blackjack websites offer a money-back guarantee. This guarantees you that in case you don’t win any cash in your first blackjack playing session, then you will be able to claim your money back. The best part about this assurance is the fact that it is an item that can’t be purchased with a credit or debit card. This makes it very simple to win blackjack money with minimal effort on your part.

A whole lot of internet casinos offer other sorts of bonuses as well. These bonuses are intended to assist you improve your chances of winning. For example, if you play more than 1 blackjack game on a site, you might be entitled to a »grandmaster » status. It follows that you’ll have access to additional games and more money whenever you desire. This might help you acquire a great deal of money in blackjack.

Another type of bonus, you may be eligible for if you play blackjack on an online casino is a no deposit bonus. Sometimes, sites ask that you make a deposit before you are allowed to play. You may be offered up to 100 percent game refunds on your deposits if you win, which provides you even more reason to win and play. Should you win, you have to keep all of the money you won and any winnings. Obviously, you need to stay in the casino to benefit from this promotion.

Ultimately, some online casino sites offer what are known as progressive slots. If you play blackjack on these machines, the more chips you have, the more things you may make. When you reach a certain number of points, you have to win a jackpot. This jackpot, however, is not always big. It can sometimes be just a few bucks. Consequently, if you want to win a great deal of money at blackjack, then this is certainly the best way to go.

So, now you know how to acquire a great deal of cash at internet casinos. Blackjack bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and progressive slots are all great ways to increase your likelihood of winning. You should also find out what other promotions that the casino has gone and whether you qualify for any of these. Some promotions will permit you to win free entrances into bigger tournaments, such as.

Once you win at online casinos, company website you have to be sure to return and play frequently. You may be playing for actual cash, but you still need to win. There’s nothing wrong with making money through the casinos but in addition, you ought to bear in mind that it’s all for a good cause. If you gamble too much and shed, you should take a rest and come back later. Should you gamble too little and win too much, you shouldn’t keep playing. It’s important that you know when to quit.

If you would like to understand how to earn a lot of money at online casinos, the hints above are just a few of the many you will find. You should also be sure to read up on the casino’s rules and regulations before you play. The more you know beforehand, the not as likely you are going to be to make a mistake.

Before you can find out how to win at online casinos, you need to know some basic blackjack techniques. These blackjack methods are very important and if you’re going to win, you need to master these blackjack techniques. For example, if you do not understand what the best range to play at a blackjack is, then you won’t know when you are winning or losing.

Additionally, know the game types. Online blackjack games differ from no limit hold’em, low stakes craps and tournament style games such as Five Card Stud. You will need to learn these different styles before you can win. If you do not have any clue on which kind of blackjack you wish to play, you’ll be at an advantage, as you’ll know that it can be played with anybody.

The last thing you must be aware of is that everyone is able to win at on line casinos. It is not a secret that you can win by blackjack however everybody can win. But you can win by simply knowing the basics, and one way it is possible to win at on-line casinos is by knowing how to win at blackjack.

Choosing the Best Australian Online Casino – How to Select?

Choosing the Best Australian Online Casino - How to Select?
As one attempts to find the best Australian online casinos, there are numerous characteristics which should be considered. For one thing, you need to understand the features and bonuses provided by the online casino. It’s also important to discover if bonuses can be converted into actual cash at any time during the game. Bonuses are frequently the only way of getting coins in slots, particularly at online casinos that have progressive jackpots.

A progressive jackpot in an internet casino can reach very substantial payouts. There are also some online casinos that offer cumulative jackpots that cover out even when the player has not stopped playing for a certain quantity of time. In the latter scenario, the player must collect more spins (time performed ) until they can cash in the incentive. The same goes for slot machines offering no-stop progressive jackpots. In these scenarios, players accumulate spins over time but can still cash in the bonus after the timer has elapsed.

Players will need to comprehend how bonuses are credited to their account. Most casinos will provide a method by which credits are earned. At a progressive slot machine, for instance, credits are earned by using real money. They may also be cashed in with bonus deposits. Bonuses are the only means of acquiring extra spins in slot machines without spending actual money.

Before players opt to gamble with any online casino, then they ought to check how their account will be credited. In some cases, bonuses can only be utilized with a charge card. An internet casino might not accept a particular credit card, if a player does not have one. Sometimes, players will have the ability to use their incentive points for internet transactions like registering for an online casino and purchasing. It is very important to check all of these details before deciding where to place your bet. If a bonus requires customers to register with a specific credit card number or electronic test, the online casino should make this apparent to players before the start of the bonus period.

Bonus codes are a unique way to receive bonus payments on the web. When an individual enters a particular bonus code, an automatic transaction happens. This transaction is free cash which may be used to buy credits or pay for different activities within the online casino. It is important to be careful when selecting an internet casino using a bonus code system since fraudsters are constantly looking to take advantage of unsuspecting players.

There are many ways to get a bonus deposit. Many online casinos may need players to sign up for a newsletter or become a part. The more complex casinos will require players to download a certain piece of software. These systems are more vulnerable to hackers who may be able to use the incentive deposit bonus to extract cash out of accounts.

Casino sites that offer signup bonuses are always the best online casinos to play at. Once a player has signed up for a bonus deposit, he or she’ll be automatically qualified to acquire a real money game. Most bonus matches have moderate withdrawal limitations to protect the site from excess losses. However, players should be certain that they don’t exceed their withdrawal limits since this is a threat that is involved with any banking transactions.

When selecting an online casino to play money table website at, players should make sure that they are receiving the best experience possible. There are lots of online casinos to choose from in the 21st century. Each site has a different emphasis, so it is important to select a site that matches the preferences of the individual player. Finding the right casino bonus can help to ensure that the players find their own perfect online casino.

How Can You Have a Great Rush While Playing Online Roulette?

How Can You Have a Good Rest While Playing On-line Roulette?
In the online sport game, players who are at the lowest levels usually find themselves winning a whole lot. They get the notion that there is still hope in beating the odds by playing on the greatest levels of this game, however if they would like to have a fantastic night’s rest and be rested for the following day, they will need to lower their match levels first. In this manner , they can enjoy the sport more and win more without needing to be concerned about the risks of winning large sums. If you are at the stage in your life where you want to have a good rest after a long and hectic day, the internet roulette game might just be the thing for you.

If you continue to be a beginner in the online roulette game, there are some things which you will need to remember first before you begin betting real money. To begin with, you should be aware that blackjack could be considered a game of chance. It’s likely that you will still lose on occasion, however good a player you’re. Just like in slots, the trick to success is knowing when to quit. The online roulette game is just as easy to play because the slots, but regarding its random number generator, it functions differently.

The random number generator in online roulette games uses numbers that are completely random, thus it can not be predicted with any accuracy. It’s therefore said to be a machine programmed to create certain a random result happens. Sometimes, the results may be unexpected, thus making the game irregular. While this element of the internet roulette game which makes it less predictable than slots, that is part of the pleasure at the sport and not something that should stop people from playing this game.

But, having a fantastic rest has nothing to do with enjoying the online roulette game. There are many people who claim to have a bad day due to the strain that playing with the online roulette game induces them. When individuals are under a lot of stress, they have a tendency to lose focus and end up losing more money than they generally do. In case you have a few moments of relaxation and downtime, you can take time and regenerate yourself. This can give you the energy you need to keep focus and increase your chances of winning. Whenever you have a short break, you can take the time to examine previous moves and approaches that worked for you and apply it to the next hand.

If you make the decision to play online roulette, constantly think about the principles of this game before beginning the real game. The game may seem simple, but there are rules that you want to follow, especially if you would like to play the sport with real money. These online games are different from those played at land casinos, which means you have to read the principles of every one carefully to prevent losing your cash.
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Once you know how to play with the on the web roulette sport and stick to the rules, you can relax and have a good time playing. There are numerous players who appear to be stressed all the time. If you keep yourself calm while you play, you’ll be able to concentrate on your game instead of worrying about your nervousness. As soon as you understand how to relax and control your nerves, then you can have a fantastic time playing against other players and winning some money as well. Additionally, this can make you a faithful participant who only plays for pleasure and doesn’t attempt to win cash from the table.

How to Play in an Online Casino and Not Become Infected With the Coronavirus?

{How to Play in an Online Casino and Not Become Infected With the Coronavirus?
If you’re a fan of online slots, then you need to read this how to play in an internet casino, not get yourself infected with the dreaded coronavirus. Casino games, especially online ones are getting to be extremely popular today because the jackpots that they provide can reach tens of thousands of dollars. That means the jackpot size rises with every game that is played – and if you win, this means you get to share in that jackpot.

How to play with in an online casino, not get infected with the coronavirus? The way is easy: play blackjack only in casinos that you know. To put it differently, never play in a casino in which you’ve never been before. If you are playing at a blackjack area in Vegas or a exotic place like an ancient Egyptian temple, it’s highly likely that you’ll get the virus out of a impostors pretending to be blackjack specialists. Playing in these places will leave you open to several infections – including the fake version of the true game.

So, how to play in an internet casino and not get the dreaded coronavirus? To start with, don’t play casino games for cash unless you have loads of money. It’s possible to play online roulette for free; there are many websites that allow you to play roulette at no cost.
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Also, when playing blackjack or roulette on an online casino, just use your credit card to make transactions. Use of either PayPal or even a debit card is highly recommended, because it prevents potential fraud. Never provide any personal information, such as your social security number, in an online casino. Be careful about opening new accounts in your name, too.

Another way to protect yourself is by simply installing anti-spyware programs on your computer and on your Internet browser. These software programs can keep hackers from accessing your own personal and financial information, such as your bank account numbers or credit card numbers. They can also prevent your system from becoming infected, due to malicious software. The most effective spyware protection applications, like Spybot and McAfee, can both guard against and cleanse the spyware from the computer.

The way to play with in an internet casino, not get an illness? Install a program like AdAware that scans your entire hard drive and deletes anything that are marked as »trash. » Run a full virus scan with your anti-virus application. You might also wish to install some firewall protection software to prevent unauthorized access to a system. It’s far better to have this kind of applications installed compared to chance an illness while playing.

The way to play in an internet casino and not get infected with the coronavirus? Use good moral character when you gamble. If you’re smart enough to use protection applications, you’re smart enough to be certain your computer gets the best security possible. By downloading the very best software possible, you’ll make the best usage of protection available.

The way to play in an online casino and not get infected with the coronavirus? Be smart about the way you perform. Use software designed to shelter you from the newest threats. And, play with your online casino in a way that makes your computer less appealing to an illness.

How to play with in an internet casino and not get infected with the coronavirus? Do not download any software that offers free downloads. These may seem like they are from a reputable company, but often they are loaded with malicious code that may damage your PC. Instead, look for reputable companies that offer many different security applications packages at reasonable prices. All these companies will offer numerous packages tailored to your particular needs so that you can choose exactly the kind of protection that will keep your PC protected.

The way to play in an internet casino and not get infected with the coronavirus? Only play with money if you are sure that you understand how the program operates. Downloading free software that allows you to play with fake money is just as risky as playing with real money, because there is no way of telling whether the software is actually legitimate or not. And, if you are not careful, you might wind up giving your credit card information to someone who has valid access to the world wide web!

How to play in an online casino, not get infected with the coronavirus? Make sure that the website is protected. Even if it looks like the site is encrypted, it probably is not, and anyone who can read a pc file can easily break through the encryption. There are also a variety of internet security computer software packages that can help keep your computer safe and clean from infection. By using one of these bundles, you can make certain you’re never again required to wonder how to perform in an internet casino and not get infected with the dreaded Coronavirus.

The Best Dutch Online Casino With Online Slots For Free Spins

The Best Dutch On the internet Casino With On line Slots For Free Spins
If you have come here looking for the best Dutch online casino with bonus deposit for online slots then I can definitely help you. First things first, if you’re a newcomer to slots then you most likely wish to learn the fundamentals first. So, what’s a bonus deposit? This is where you take the free money from an online casino in the event you lose a match or do not win your line on the very first spin. The very best Dutch online casino with bonus deposit provides give out bonus deposits for practically any internet casino game that they offer.

One of the most popular internet casino games in the Netherlands is, naturally, the traditional Dutch slots. This is only because dutch slots, more specifically, the kind that uses a ten-second slot reels, is among the oldest forms of gambling, dating all of the way back to the 16th century. The timeless beauty of those old-fashioned slots is what draws visitors to them and keeps them coming back for more.

Another reason that slots is so popular is because the house edge on a Dutch online casino is extremely small. Meaning that even if you decide to hit the jackpot there’ll be little money left over for you to get home. Although it is true that the jackpot might not be as big as other kinds of gambling games, it’s much better than saying, video poker or craps. With video poker and craps you actually have to win the whole amount of the bud to walk off; nonetheless, with slots you can keep coming back and hitting the jackpot until you run out of money.

The following best online gaming game to play in the Netherlands is, perhaps surprisingly to several gamers, the movie or online gaming machines. The netent is a type of pot luck, in which you basically get a coin and hope that it lands to the pot on the winning side. While this occurs, the game is called »netent », or »no win, no fee » at which the winner of the event doesn’t get to take home anything. All these netent tables are very popular throughout the nation and they are the most popular form of slot machines. Of course you are able to discover similar no charge slot machines all over the world, however, the Dutch variant appears to be somewhat trickier to beat.

The final slot game to check at are the progressive slots. Progressive slots are fairly much like video poker machines, but instead of you enjoying one number or match, you play one amount or a combination of numbers. There are several different sorts of progressive slots from the Netherlands, including the conventional, borded ones, but the most popular are the »web slots ». These are old-fashioned slots which use a display to demonstrate the winning combination, and they allow the player to press a button when the time is right.

As you can see, there is a great deal that goes into enjoying the best online casino with free spins. Along with the games mentioned previously, there are quite a few other bonuses and promotions which you may find when making a booking through an online casino. For example, if you make a deposit after the initial week, you can get additional free spins during another week. Some casinos also offer you an updated version of their slot machines, or greater payout levels for the same cost as the fundamental machines. It truly depends on what you’re looking for.

1 thing that lots of casinos do not mention is that the specials and promotions that they have running at any particular time. By staying updated with these special bargains you’ll have the ability to take advantage of these whenever they are readily available. In reality, many casinos do not cite these promotions because they wish to keep the slots playing in a high level. But by keeping tabs on online casino bonus information you could have the ability to make an extra deposit and switch to a more profitable game.
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If you enjoy the battle of slot machine gambling then you may want to consider playing more than one game at once. With many different game types provided at a gaming casino, you could even end up playing more than 1 game at the same time. You will definitely have your work cut out for you at an igaming casino when you play n go. Just remember that you’re likely to need to learn to read those ads that state »play n go » to be able to get the most out of your expertise.

How to Win a Good Deal of Money at On line Roulette?

How to Win a Good Deal of Money at Online Roulette?
If you are thinking about playing online roulette, but not quite sure how to win a good deal of money at online roulette, then keep reading. In this article I am going to explain one of the most popular casino games online. There are several reasons for this, and I will tell you why they are motives. After reading this guide, you should understand how to acquire a lot of money at online roulette.

Online roulette is one of the most effective ways to earn money. This is because slots are one of those few games on the internet that have a steady money maker. Additionally, slots have existed for decades, so it’s not a new game. It is old hat to play slots, and it is one of the oldest games on the internet, so individuals are used to winning at it.

Another reason online roulette can be so powerful is that there are numerous choices. In one game of online roulette, you can win a little jackpot or a large jackpot. The size of the jackpot changes daily, so you will never know when you might strike it big. Additionally, depending on how long you play, you could easily walk away with tens of thousands of dollars. There are a number of players who’ve been enjoying for literally tens of thousands of dollars!

Winning at online blackjack additionally gives an excellent way to practice your abilities. Playing online games offers you the opportunity to hone your abilities and strategies. You can boost your skill and plan by practicing. It is possible to examine your ability to wager on specific numbers or on specific colors or shapes. This also helps to boost your confidence in handling money as it’s possible to see what your results were like prior to investing money in the matches.

Ultimately, playing online blackjack provides you the chance to connect with other players from all around the globe. You can readily make friends while enjoying these games. You are able to discuss sports, share info, or talk about life. These online games are a fun way to socialize. They also offer a way for you to have a feel for the different systems used in online casinos. This is beneficial in seeing which games have the best odds of paying out the large jackpot.

So, now that you understand how to win at online roulette, free vegas slots you can start practicing immediately. Just remember to set up an account initially and to make sure that you are utilizing an internet casino that provides many different games. As soon as you do that, winning will become much easier.

L’incendie de la cathédrale

Extraits de l’article sur les 54 striges sculptés

Sur des dessins de Viollet -Le -Duc
Bâtisseur de la flèche de la cathédrale de Paris
                            Avec le soutien de Victor HugoAuteur du roman noir Quasimodo inspirant à son ami Viollet–Le Duc la genèse du Strige sculptée en cinquante-quatre figurines différentes nées des esquisses hugoliennes à l’encre noire de son hôte de la place des Vosges à Paris. Viollet Le Duc notant sa planche inclinée à hauteur de coude d’homme écrivant debout. Une hauteur de moine écrivant ainsi pour éviter le mal au dos et sur laquelle l’écrivain sue sang et eau.

Sur les anges sculptés inopinément sauvés du feu de la Cathédrales, anges
descendus à la grue avant l’incendie dont « La date ne semble pas avoir été choisie par hasard  » déclare à BFM TV, Bertrand Delanoë, ex-Maire de Paris, sans oser évoquer l’incendie criminel de l’église de Saint Sulpice à Paris…
Quant à la Cathédrale scandaleusement abandonnée, qui dira sur l’ordre de qui et pourquoi ce mensonge sur le délai exact de plus d’une demi-heure, trente-cinq minutes outrageusement minimisé ?

Qui peut souhaiter, comme à Saint-Sulpice déclaré « criminel » mais pas repris par les médias officiels qui ont ordres de minimiser les actes criminels comme les chiffres des morts du 14 juillet 2016 de Nice à « 80 morts » quand le vrai chiffre est à 87… et autre attentat en France dont la liste est longue en matière d’incendies criminels dont un policier de la Bac qui pointe un par jour en France…? Chiffres donnés par les représentants puissants du Djihâd OK. Mais quand ils émanent des hypocrites qui prétendent lutter contre la charia en relançant le Burkini et autres interdictions en France.
Curieusement la sécurité attend TRENTE–CINQ MINUTES *
après avoir menti. Disant vingt-cinq sans voir la première alerte.
Faisant attendre dix jours la police qui doit lancer une enquête.
C’est à la deuxième alerte que la Sécurité daigne appeler
les pompiers à qui l’on supprime la plus grande échelle. Qui en est responsable au Ministère de l’Intérieur ?

D’où cette épigramme suivante :

Les anges sont, dans leur substance, vraiment spirituels.
Leurs attributs matériels ne sont-ils qu’accidentels ?


Quand notre Cathédrale de PARIS
Brûle avec toute la France, le monde Hurle,
Son cri avec Hugo est plus puissant qu’une hure
Reviens-nous Notre Dame d’aplomb et en vie !

NB : Hugo, contraint de s’exiler lui-même comme Jules Vallès et Chateaubriant, avait donné les droits d’auteur d’un de ses livres N.D.P. en 1832 avec article abordant la genèse hugolienne du Strige,.
Cette première image du mage s’illustre entre sculptures et architecture, gravures et photographies, il y a deux siècles pour que son ami Viollet – Le – Duc matérialise ses cinquante-quatre « bêtes » sculptées selon ses dessins. Pour sa flèche menaçant ruine, Victor Hugo joue un rôle actif au soutien décisif de la cathédrale de Paris.

Pour prompt retour d’aplomb,
La Vie des pierres clame
« Au-dessus de ton drame.
Écoutes – nous ce brame
De cerf qui te réclame
Avec larme de plomb * « 

Ce s o n n e t

De notre Cathédrale,
Tombée en flamme – femme,
Flèche en feu, Ton fanal
Renaîtra de ses flammes

Notre chère belle Dame,
Nos cœurs nus te réclament
Revient avec ton âme,
Nous éteindrons tes flammes.

Trois cent cinquante tonnes :
Le plomb fondu détonne
Sur la nef, ho Madone !

Silence assourdissant
Pour la nouvelle donne
D’un renouveau naissant.

*Dont ce poids important pollue le centre de Paris et dont nous reparlerons.

             Claude Michel Ozanne